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SiloGro Home Grower - An All-in-One Grow Kit

SiloGro Home Grower - An All-in-One Grow Kit

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Indoor Hydroponics Grow Box Appliance: All-in-One Automated Grow Kit

Grow medium, lights, environment, all you need to have your own super grown harvest, in one easy plug and play appliance.

Grow What You Love! Love What You Grow!

Growing your plants indoor has never been so easy! Have you been struggling with growing your own plants? Don’t you have enough time to take care of your plants? Do you want your plant growth to thrive indoors? No worries! With Silogro, you have the most powerful and robust self contained grow appliance that gives you higher yields with minimal care at lower costs.

Technical Specifications

    • Model: SILOGROXL
    • UPC# 86000658262
    • Max Water Capacity: 5 Gallons
    • Installed Outside dimensions with Power Pack by side: 29 in long x 23 in high x 18 in wide
    • Expanded Height with risers: 39 inches total height
    • Packaged/shipping weight: 30 LBS
    • Package Size: 28-inch x 20-inch x 22.5-inch
    • Power Pack: Powered by: 110/240 V 50/60HZ to 24V power adapter.
    • Total operating watts: 60 Watts @ 24 V DC
    • Total operating Amps: 2.5 @ 24V DC
    • LED full spectrum lighting: 24V DC 60 Watts Lumens 10 Strips
    • Air pump: 24V DC 16 KPA with air stone
    • 2 pc-24 Hour Timers: 24V DC for LED and Ultrasonic Nano atomizer system
    • Included accessories: 6 pc 3-inch net pots, 6pc rock wool grow cubes, clay hydro pebbles, plant nutrient, 1 digital PH water meter, 1 digital EC/PPM (batteries included), 1 fill and drain water level sight assembly, color coded connection cables, air stone, ultrasonic nano atomizer system, owner’s manual.
    • Designed & Built in USA 
  • 🇺🇸 
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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Edwardo Vidal
Excellent service

Definitely was an enjoyable experience. The product was delivered on time and the staff were very knowledgeable and helpful. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants to grow their own “garden “

Product came as advertised.

Setup was easy, I'm at four week into my grow from seeds. Added 1st raiser. The support line has always replied in a timely manner.

Alfred ward
Good grow box .Three weeks in

Working as advertised. In my third week. Started from seeds. Purple Kush atuo 27 inches hight. Growing good.


Easy setup. Everything is working as advertised. Very happy


Hi again works wonderful, however my fogger died, and I was also wondering how much it would cost for just 2-4 risers to add height to the machine. I learned my bruce banner was able to hold down very well however, my strawberry cookies did not. it needed more room.

thank you and have a blessed labor day weekend.