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Silogro Fulfills a Silent Need for Grow Hobbyists

Using a 3-step system, Croshaw and his team, led by George West, have perfected the way grow kits at home function. After the user plants their seeds, step two is just adding water, nutrients, and watching the plants grow.

“We were thinking about the hydroponic growing space for home hobbyists and did not see a reasonably priced all-in-one grow kit that was also stylish and easy to operate, with a discrete small footprint,” Croshaw said.

The biggest benefit to Silogro is the lack of interaction on the shopper’s part. After planting the seed, watching it grow is easy. At step three, the plant is ready for harvest, and the user barely had to do anything.

“We see health conscious, do-it-yourself customers that like to have fun growing their own plants, in a small indoor space, without having to spend the time to cobble together components, or mess with soil and the outdoor elements to grow their own.”

Silogro is for the gardeners that have an urge to cultivate at home. Whether it’s cannabis, other herbs, veggies, or some other type of plant, Silogro offers an all-in-one, stylish grow kit that does it all. 


Silogro Roots

Silogro Roots

Silogro was founded in 2019 by Bill Croshaw with the mission to provide growers with an all-in-one grow kit that does it all. One of the fastest-growing grow kit brands, Silogro aims to improve grow seasons for people all across the nation. The brand stands out as a company proud to provide a product with a small carbon footprint for the health-conscious and hobbyists of the world. Designed and Made in the USA.