How much does the Silogro cost?

The MSRP for the Silogro grow box is $799.00 USD.
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Where do you ship to?

Thanks for asking. We currently ship free to the lower 48 contiguous United States. Alaska and Hawaii shipping is an additional cost. Please call for quotes (888) 832-3003. We will be shipping to Canada soon!

Do I need to assemble the product?

There is some simple assembly required. All you will need is a Phillips screw driver for the risers. The rest of the unit is assembled by preassembled latches.

How automated is the Silogro?

The led lights, circulation fan, aerator pump, and ultrasonic nano feeding system are operated by automatic user defined timers. We include a digital PH meter and PPM meter so you can monitor and adjust your water conditions and nutrient levels. You can expect to love on your plants about 20-30 minutes a week to make sure they are happy and doing well.

Do you have YouTube assembly instructions?

Our YouTube Channel is in the works. A link to our owners manual will be coming soon!

Where is the Silogro manufactured?

The Silogro is proudly manufactured in the USA.

What are the Silogro specifications like size etc?

UPC#: 86000658262
Max Water Capacity: 5 gallons
Installed Outside Dimensions with Power Pack by Side: 29" long x 23" high x 18" wide
Expanded Height with Risers: 39 inches total height
Packaged/Shipping Weight: 30lbs
Package Size: 28" x 20" x 22.5"
Power Pack: Powered by: 110/240 V 50/60HZ to 24V power adapter.
Total Operating Watts: 60 Watts @ 24 V DC
Total Operating Amps: 2.5 @ 24V DC
LED Full Spectrum Lighting: 24V DC 60 Watts Lumens 10 Strips
Air Pump: 24V DC 16 KPA with air stone
2 pc-24 Hour Timers: 24V DC for LED and Ultrasonic Nano atomizer system
Included accessories: 6 pc 3-inch net pots, 6pc rock wool grow cubes, clay hydro pebbles, plant nutrient, 1 digital PH water meter, 1 digital EC/PPM (batteries included), 1 fill and drain water level sight assembly, color coded connection cables, air stone, ultrasonic nano atomizer system, owner’s manual.

Designed & Built in USA

What is included with my Silogro purchase?

Everything you need to get started!

  • 1 SiloGro grow box with full spectrum LED lighting and automated control power pack with power adapter
  • 2 Sets height risers
  • 1 Digital PH meter
  • 1 Digital PPM meter
  • 6 Sets of grow media with net pots, clay pebbles and lids
  • 3 month supply of Mega Plant Nutrients
  • 1 grow guide
  • 1 owner's manual
  • 1 year limited warranty

Growing and Use

How many plants can I grow per unit?

The Silogro can handle 6 plants and each can grow up to 30 inches tall.

How do I change the water in my SiloGro?

Use the incorporated drain valve and a 5-gallon bucket to easily drain the water through a standard garden hose.

Do you sell seeds?

We do not sell seeds, but come back soon for links to affiliate websites!

What is the best kind of water to start off with?

We recommend purified, distilled or RO water for your Silogro they have less contaminates, such as chlorine etc.

Is the SiloGro a hydroponic grow box?

Yes! Silogro is a soilless growing appliance. It is a fully functionable grow box that incorporates an ultrasonic nano feeding system.

Self Help Resources

SiloGro Maintenance and Troubleshooting Guide

Coming Soon!